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Welcome to Gayatri Yoga Tenerife


The best place

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We are specialised

in Yoga Teacher Training



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This course

is a door to learn and experience

Hari Om and Welcome.
Gayatri School of Yoga is specialized in Yoga Teacher Trainings and is registered by Yoga Alliance USA.

It is not important how strong or flexible we are, yoga is much more as just Asanas, they are just a tool to control our mind.
The discipline and mind work is the difficult part.

It is very important, that we understand that yoga is a nonstop development and learning process, the TTC is just a door we open to deepen this knowledge.

If you want to work hard and with discipline, we are the right school for you.

After 20 years in Fuerteventura we shifted our Gayatri Yoga to Tenerife, where we have much more possibilities to grow, and to offer our trainees simply the best.

Our new place offers all, what we need and what we did not had in the past. We have a swimming pool, pretty gardens, chill-out zones and Wi-Fi.

The typical canarian village is called Tejina, just 2 km from the sea and Bajamar, with a nice beach and huge natural swimming pools.

We hope to welcome you soon in our yoga school.


The purpose of our TTC is to teach Hatha Yoga with knowledge and love. This course is oriented to those who want to deepen their knowledge on Classic Indian Yoga.


Next schedule for our TTC RYS 200

07.08. - 03.09.2017 English
11.09. - 08.10.2017 English
18.10. - 14.11. 2017 English
23.11. - 20.12.2017 English

04.01. - 31.01.2018 English
14.02. - 13.03.2018 English
07.05. - 03.06.2018 English
15.06. - 12.07.2018 English
23.07. - 19.08.2018 English
03.09. - 30.09.2018 English
15.10. - 11.11.2018 English
25.11. - 22.12.2018 English

04.01. - 31.01.2019 English

Limited number of students!


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Yoga Retreats in Tenerife

The video shows the old school in Fuerteventura,
The new school is located in Tenerife.

It is important for us to practice Hatha Yoga with love and mindfulness. We have been following Yoga for many years and take all our experience from across the globe and apply it with passion to our teaching.

Our school is very familiar and it is very important for us to teach yoga in its real form and we lay great emphasis on the correction of Pranayama and Asana.

If you want to deepen your practice, we are the right school for you. We enjoy passing on our love of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation to people of all abilities adopting Yoga and Ayurveda as a lifestyle.

As we are specialized in Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings, we offer much more as just yoga holidays. We place great importance on correction and enhancement of our trainees.

Om Shanti Om...Radhika y Kiran

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